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About Us

Malaberg discovers and develops high quality consumer products.
Our brands are like entering a different world, we provide access to a new realm of ideas that exist beyond the high street. The Malaberg DNA is about bringing the very best ideas to life through direct to consumer brands with the goal of helping people and pets live better.
From concept to scale, profitably and efficiently, we are obsessed with developing the highest quality products accessible to the market. Our team has a lifetime of experience in health, nutrition, entertainment, advertising, creative, media buying, strategy, performance optimization, and leadership. We have achieved success that has resulted in thousands of lives changed and millions of pounds in sales.

Our Origin

The information age has produced a cambrian explosion of information. 120 million books, 50 million scientific papers and exabytes of data is available at our fingertips.
The problem is, these life changing ideas rarely reach consumers. Instead most stay locked up and hidden to all but the untrained eye. Modern technology has given us an opportunity to build richer, more interesting brands and break free of what was traditionally used by the narrow boundaries of consumer and retail holding companies.
Malaberg’s job is to simply make that process easier and help breakthrough ideas turn into actionable solutions for consumers. Through the excellence in our team, technology, ambassadors, research and production capabilities.
None of us are as smart individually as we are in a team on a mission. Together, we are forging a better world where we empower consumers by presenting ideas that work through products they love.

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