The Media Buyer

Putting Messages In Front Of Millions

Meet The Media Buyer.


A master technologist.


Combining an exceptional grasp of digital advertising…


With an innate talent for optimising performance. And a finger on the pulse of brand-building trends. 


Here at Malaberg, the Media Buying team are crucial to the success of our online campaigns. Without their expertise, we wouldn’t reach the millions we do today.


Their London HQ is like our company’s “nerve centre.” A hub of data analysis and creativity.


Of quickfire decision-making, and research-led growth. Helping us scale our brands profitably, and expand into emergent markets.


Thanks to their curiosity, research skills, and hunger to “beat the control.”


As well as their analytical prowess, helping them track vast quantities of data across the biggest advertising platforms – and call many of the financial shots.

As well as work closely with the copy team. On writing the most arresting headlines…


Designing world-beating image creatives…


And appealing to the right emotions in their writing. All in service of the “pattern interrupt,” the key to creating messaging that stands out.


But what sets the team apart?


For one thing, they go through an extensive training process.  Which covers native ads, programming, behaviour analytics, web design…


And much, much more. Spanning not just the fundamentals, but everything you need to achieve media buying success.


But one of their most important tasks is educating the consumer. Guiding them through the product, its value proposition…


And making our offers irresistible.


Sound like something you could do?


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The Malaberg Team