The Copywriter

Meet The Copywriter.

A creative powerhouse. 

Balancing insatiable curiosity – and research skills that would put Sherlock Holmes to shame – with a talent for persuasive writing which speaks to the heart. 

Copywriters form the backbone of Malaberg’s marketing and advertising department. Which is why each and every Malaberg copywriter completes a dedicated 8-week training programme. This rigorous programme lays the foundations of copywriting – everything from sales letters, adverts and emails, to press releases and viral videos. 

Success as a copywriter depends on many things. Hard work and a perpetual willingness to learn both ranking high on the list. But one thing tops them all:

Understanding people.


It’s no coincidence that many great authors, explorers of the human condition, began their careers as copywriters.






F. Scott Fitzgerald (“The Great Gatsby”) and Joseph Heller (“Catch-22”) among them.

A single headline, even a single word, can make or break your campaign. So it’s crucial to understand how readers interpret your writing.


Will it resonate with them? Or will it fall on deaf ears?


Malaberg’s writers grapple with these questions everyday. And in the ever-shifting, crowded digital landscape of modern advertising, they are more important than ever. 


Most people are exposed to over 5,000 adverts every single day – so cutting through the noise requires ninja-like reflexes. Reacting to shifts in consumer behaviour, alongside new trends and technologies, before they happen.


Think you’re up to the challenge?


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The Malaberg Team