Direct Response Marketing For Dummies

“Direct response marketers are the only ones who know what they’re doing”David Ogilvy



What is direct response marketing?


Perhaps the best place to start is by comparing it to its flashier cousin: brand marketing. Where brand marketing exists in the nebulous world of reputation and recognition – aiming to improve prospects’ perceptions and awareness of a brand – DRM has one clear-cut goal:


Getting prospects to take immediate action.


This is often “Buy Now” – but in digital contexts may also be “Click Here” or “Learn More”. Such phrases are known as “Calls To Action” (CTAs), and are an indispensable part of DRM.  


DRM forms a core pillar of Malaberg’s marketing strategy. It allows for meaningful and effective engagement with consumers, and has a number of crucial benefits over traditional brand marketing:


  • Highly & Accurately Trackable


Companies may spend millions on brand marketing campaigns, yet often struggle to determine if it translates into greater sales. 


In contrast, every DRM campaign has unique correlated actions. Therefore it is simple to identify the leads, sales and new customers a DRM campaign generates, and can be effectively optimised and scaled.

  • Targeted Campaigns

A significant benefit of DRM is the level of precise targeting it affords.


As it does not try to promote brand awareness, it does not have to reach everybody (or require the enormous ad budgets required to achieve this). Rather, DRM campaigns can be targeted to the most receptive audiences – the prospects most likely to take the desired actions.


  • Fast Revenue Generation


Successful DRM can quickly generate new customers from cold traffic. 


By effectively addressing prospects’ pain points, understanding their desires, and establishing credibility, good DRM moves customers through sales funnels faster than brand marketing can ever hope to.


Consequently, this translates to a high volume of sales and leads.


However, whilst DRM can be a lucrative marketing tool, executing it well is not a simple task. It requires high-converting copy, perceptive data analysis, and enticing offers to prospects. 


To achieve this, Malaberg employs a unique alchemy of people and technology. With a dedicated copy team based in Oxford, and a media buying team in Victoria, London. 


So if you have a silver tongue, or killer data crunching skills…

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The Malaberg Team